TaxMatters Services

Here at TaxMatters Accountants in Chorley, we offer a range of efficient and cost-effective services for small businesses, specialising in accountancy, bookkeeping and taxation.

So why not let us do the number crunching while you get on with running your business?

Year end accounts

If you are a sole trader, partnership or limited company, you’ll find your year-end accounts invaluable when preparing to file your tax return or even apply for a mortgage.

TaxMatters Accountants Chorley can prepare your accounts for you from your books and records in order to help you manage your financial affairs more easily.

Tax returns

If the words ‘tax return’ leave you quivering in the corner, ask TaxMatters Accountants Chorley for their expert advice and relieve the pain of this annual headache.

We will:

  • calculate your final tax liability
  • complete and file your tax return
  • liaise with your regarding what to pay and when
  • help you to make tax savings


Struggling to maintain your business records? TaxMatters Accountants Chorley provide accurate, efficient and cost-effective bookkeeping services tailored to your individual needs, whether you’re a sole trader or limited company.

We’ll provide advice on taxation and VAT so that you can keep control of your business finances and calculate your tax liability. We can do your books for you or put a system in place that will allow you to do it yourself with minimum of hassle.

VAT return

Not sure whether you should be paying VAT or not? TaxMatters Accountants Chorley are able to advise on all aspects of VAT, including the following HMRC special schemes:

  • cash accounting
  • flat rate scheme
  • annual accounting

We can also complete and file your VAT return for you.


TaxMatters Accountants Chorley can offer expert advice to both employers and employees on payroll issues. We can assist employers to fulfil their obligations to the HMRC by providing information on the PAYE system, as well as offering a complete outsourced payroll service should you so require.

Tax savings

Am I paying too much tax? That’s the question on every self-employed person’s lips. Discover how you can minimise your tax liability by talking to TaxMatters Accountants Chorley. We can help you to find a tax saving scheme that benefits you and your business, as well as providing a range of useful tax tips that will help you to save money.

Property tax

TaxMatters Accountants Chorley can advise you on everything you need to know about Capital Gains Tax, as well as providing tips for landlords, and advice for holiday home owners and those who let rooms.

We can also advise you on the relevant tax implications of buying, selling and letting property.

Capital Gains Tax

The following business assets may be subject to CGT:

  • commercial property let to or used by other organisations
  • residential property that is not your main residence
  • goodwill associated with a business run by a sole trader or partnership
  • shareholdings in privately-owned trading companies

Find out if you are liable for paying Capital Gains Tax by contacting TaxMatters Accountants Chorley.

Corporation tax

All UK-based companies could be liable to pay corporation tax on their profits. In order to find out how much you owe, contact TaxMatters Accountants Chorley, who will calculate your taxable profit and help you to complete and file your corporation tax return.


Are you a new business? If so, you’ll no doubt have lots of questions on Accountancy, bookkeeping and taxation issues. TaxMatters Accountants Chorley specialise in advising small businesses on all matters relating to the above and provide a personalised and friendly service to all start-up business clients.

Limited companies

Operating as a limited company can mean great tax savings. Find out more about how TaxMatters Accountants Chorley can help you decide whether to become a limited company and what this will mean to your business.

Contact TaxMatters on 01257 266780 for further details on any of the above services. We’re also happy to answer other queries on all matters relating to Accountancy, bookkeeping and taxation.